ZLiWear Tribal Kaleidoscope Glasses – Flat Back - Rainbow

 Kaleidoscope Glasses with small diamond cut Rainbow Crystals

  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Small Diamond shape cut lenses
  • Round Retro Vintage Tribal Design
  • Rainbow Color Insertion
  • Flat Back Kaleidoscope Lenses to reduce the glass weight and make this kaleidoscope glasses comfortable to wear
  • Very lightweight kaleidoscope glass.
  • Hand Polished Black Frame
  • Intense Kaleidoscopic Effect
  • Use at Fireworks, Music Rave Festivals, Parties and Just to enjoy a magical light view.
  • Free Hard Case, Microfiber Bag and Cleaning Cloth Included
  • Designed, Manufactured and Handcrafted For ZL iWeare.

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