ZLiWear Heart Effect Diffraction Glasses - Red Love

Share love vibes with these Spectacular Diffraction Glasses. The Heart Effects are  creating a visual spectacle and a lasting impression for everyone that wears them.   This glasses are a MUST HAVE for everybody that goes to rave, EDM festivals. This heart diffraction effect glasses are the only patented glasses on the market with a clear big heart image that you can enjoy looking at any point of light. 

The exclusive patented lenses produce a spectacular heart effect during rave festivals, holiday lights, fireworks and all other party lights.

Look no further, you have found THE ONE!


  • Heart diffraction effect glasses
  • Plastic frame & arms
  • Very sturdy.
  • Lenses will not pop up as our competitors 
  • Best quality on the market
  • Manufactured on USA
  • Patent glasses


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