ZLiWear Black Kaleidoscope Glasses- Fractural Rainbow Crystals

Lightweight Black Frame Kaleidoscope Glasses.

  • Real Glass Crystals
  • Small Diamond shape cut lenses
  • Flat Back Kaleidoscope Lenses to reduce the glass weight and make this kaleidoscope glasses comfortable to wear
  • Round Retro Vintage design
  • Rainbow Color Insertion
  • Hand Polished Black Frame
  • Intense Kaleidoscopic Effect
  • Free Hard Case, Microfiber Bag and Cleaning Cloth Included
  • Designed, Manufactured and Handcrafted For ZL iWeare.

Designed with you in mind, this kaleidoscope glasses, are light weighted, stylish and comfortable to wear at any rave edm music festival, fireworks party or even for relaxing or enjoying your vision after a long day of work.

The feel of this special eyewear will blow your mind from the first time that you look through them.

Even we are new on this festival wear and accessories market, our top of the line quality is known from the other products that we develop and manufacture in USA  as ZL Smart Hoops Gen 2 and ZL Pandora.

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